Lent is a time of preparation and renewal leading up to Easter Sunday. Lent comes from an ancient word meaning “springtime” and it has been a well-worn path walked by Christians for centuries as a way to identify with the sufferings Jesus.

Lent is a way to connect with the sorrow of the cross in order to experience the full joy of the resurrection. This season is a time to draw back and evaluate things as we recall and retell the story of Jesus in his suffering, death, and resurrection.

Holy Week

Eyewitness Bible Easter Series

I GIVE UP: Letting Go of Hopelessness

The season of Lent begins on February 17, 2021, Ash Wednesday...

...and continues for forty days until we reach Easter Sunday on April 4, 2021. We do not count the Sundays during Lent as a part of this forty-day journey because every Sunday marks the resurrection of Jesus. 

Life is filled with busyness, work, friends, phones, emails, media, news, bills, and anxiety that pulls us in different directions. The practices ofLent are ways to break away from the things that drain us, so we can be filled with the hope of Jesus.

These daily devotionals will give you Scriptures, a question, and a prayer for each day in the season of Lent. The practices of worship, Scripture-reading, prayer, and contemplation help us slow down and connect with Jesus.

We encourage you to jump in and join us during this Lenten journey at Stone United Methodist Church. Please take a moment to join our Facebook Group and share your thoughts with each other!

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February 17-20

Each day a new devotion will be available...

February 21-27

Letting Go of Hopelessness; Picking up the Present Moment

February 28-March 6

Letting Go of Hopelessness; Picking up Purpose

March 7-13

Letting Go of Hopelessness; Picking up Persistence

March 14-20

Letting Go of Hopelessness: Picking up Courage

March 21-27

Letting Go of Hopelessness: Picking Up Power