Looking for Childcare?

Hours of Service: Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Closed on major holidays.

Providing Quality Care for ages 6 weeks until kindergarten; 
We have a cook on site. Daily meals include: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon snack

Our Vision is to:

Foster Self Esteem and Independence, Encourage Kindness, Courtesy & Respect, and Discover a sense of pleasure in learning, exploring, and discovering the world.


We Provide:
A nurturing and responsive environment...

...where young children can grow and learn through the context of play. We seek to guide children’s experiences in ways that support and expand their development.


Our curriculum is integrated into the children’s entire experience at our Center. We take into account children’s’ individuality as well as the primary needs of their current stage of development when planning activities and experiences.

Infants and Toddlers are given support as they: Gain body control and develop the following: trust in the primary caregivers, initiative in play, sensory discovery of the world, security and independence of self-comfort, understandings and expressions of language, the beginnings of age appropriate self-control and self-mastery. It is most important for our youngest children to have dependable routines based on their own body rhythms and needs.

Our Preschool children are further supported in their development by the inclusion of learning centers which expand on goals relating to their sense of self in relationship to others and the world. These may include: motor development, language and listening skills, math and science related experiences, creative arts, music dramatic play and social/cultural understandings.

Director: Jackie Russell

Phone: 814∙807∙0052

Email: stonechildrenscenter@gmail.com


Interested in working at the Center?
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We are always accepting applications. 

Qualifications: Degree in Education and experience with children preferred. 

Stone UMC Children's Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.All admissions are made without regard to race, religious creed, disability, ancestry or national origin.