Dear Friends…

 Everyday this time of year, just before dawn, something remarkable happens. Mary Jo Leddy writes about this moment in her book, Radical Gratitude. 

“There is a moment each day when it is morning before it is morning. Darkness still hovers over the deep. Those who wait for the dawn can hear it before they even see it. At first there are only the slight sounds of attunement, as a chorus of birds assembles: twits and trills, chirps, and peeps, and even the occasional squawk. Slowly they gather into one great concerted song of supplication. Let it begin! Let us begin! May it begin again! 

 They are of one accord. They do not take the dawn for granted. When it bursts upon them, once again, as on the first day of creation, they give thanks, once again, for this once only day, to begin. The birds know, as we sometimes do, that the light does not dawn because of our singing.  We sing because the dawn appears as grace”.  

Let us be like the birds and not take the dawn for granted. Even with the uncertainties and difficulties of life, let us give thanks for this day, this “once only day”.  

With you, I take in the dawn of this new season…Pastor Sarah