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The Jared Box Project is back and more!

Meadville Medical Center is running low on boxes and we are low on supply, so we will be collecting items throughout the months of February and March to make more Jared Boxes. We will gather together in Kingsley Hall to assemble the boxes at the end of March from what has been donated.  Half of the assembled boxes will be used to replenish the supply for Meadville Medical Center as they are needed throughout the year.  The other half of the boxes will go to the Erie office of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants to be used as Welcome Boxes for children in refugee families.

**Please remember: NO FOOD ITEMS will be accepted, but small toys, games, coloring books and similar items are appreciated.  These boxes are intended to bring joy and entertainment to children while they are in the hospital or facing uncertain circumstances. 

A list of needed items is available HERE and paper copies of the list are available to pick up in the sanctuary and lobby at Stone UMC.  If you prefer to shop from our Amazon wishlist, please click HERE.

Never heard of a Jared Box?  Please click HERE to learn more.   

Join us after worship on Sunday, April 2, 2023 in Kingsley Hall as we assemble boxes!