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Katie’s Korner
CCW/Deaconess article


Luke 1:46-47 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”

Wow 2020 is finally over, and vaccines are slowly being distributed around the world.   Let us pray that 2021 will bring us new joy and outlook in life!   On a recent podcast from NPR I was listening to – was sharing that we were thrown into the world 3 years from now – work at home status was a thing of the future!  Imagine growing up from age 2 straight to 5 – imagine how many things that you would not understand what happened nor how to manage in such a time.   You would miss out on potty training, social development, exploring life, learning independence, and now expected to sit still in a chair and learn so many things in kindergarten!   Did you or do you feel this way?  God is always with us through our challenges, struggles, and joys in life – no matter how fast or slow we go. 

We at the Mission Barn were able to have very limited numbers of volunteers helping us.   It even got to the point in December that we could only have 2-3 volunteers at any given time in a space.  Nevertheless, we prevailed and still assisted our community with transporting things from one place to another – with the assistance of Highland House gentlemen and local volunteers.  

We are now scheduling teams for the spring and summer – in hopes that the vaccine will be available for more of the public and we can manage to return to hosting somewhat larger groups.   Currently we are only accepting of volunteers’ 6th grade and above of 6-8 volunteers.  

If you would like to come volunteer at the barn – to verify or make up UMCOR kits or build ramp modules – you can anytime!  You can also go out and assist in assembling a ramp in the community.  Just contact us at to register your team.   Thank you to all the churches, individuals, and UMWs for your generous prayers and support as me as your Deaconess and Church and Community Worker and Eastbrook Mission Barn! If you would like someone to share the joy of missions with your church or organization, please contact me at

My advance covenant salary number is 982942.  Eastbrook Mission Barn’s WPA advance number is ms002009b.  If you donate through the WPA Conference you can designate your donation this way.      

Shalom, Katie 

Please go to and/or contact us directly before you start collecting either of the 2 kits to confirm that you are getting the right size and kinds of supplies.  They are updating the recipes on a regular basis, to meet the needs of the recipients.  If you can’t find item(s) for the kits, please send the kit without the missing item.   We can put it in when we verify it. The only 2 kits that UMCOR are collecting are:  Cleaning and Hygiene kits.    

Wish List
Prayers                Monetary and Material donations
Hygiene Kits
Cleaning Buckets
Volunteer sharing
This summer I started working with the Eastbrook Mission Barn making ramps for the disabled.  The crew I have worked with, are amazing people.  I have also had the chance to work with some of the young men from the Highland house.  These men worked hard and are a true blessing with any job I have worked with them on.  I have also learned some new skills thanks to the folks I have worked with including running a forklift, which was pretty amazing.  I hope to continue working on any upcoming jobs or projects for as long as I am needed.   Toni Stamp

We are continuing to host volunteers’ teams throughout the pandemic.   We are registering teams for Mondays through Saturdays usually from 10-4 or other times arranged with Katie.   During at least the first half of 2021 we are only accepting volunteer teams of 6th grade and above, and smaller teams in the UMCOR work room.   Sizes will vary according to what the weather is like, and how the pandemic numbers are at the time.   Masks are required.  We are going on the side of hope of sharing God’s love with UMCOR kits and ramps this year – please go out in Faith and schedule your team to come serve with us.  
Ramp needs around the WPA Conference
With similar ramp plans, there are several ramp ministries that share in assisting their neighbors in gaining accessible access to their homes.   Each ministry has different criteria and timelines, but we are all striving to share God’s love in the best way we can.    Many districts do have at least one ramp team serving part, if not all their district.   There are some areas of the Conference that are not being reached.   If you are interested in learning where these are and possibly starting a new ramp ministry, please contact us.   Or if you would like to join a ramp team, we can also share this with you. 
Support Eastbrook Mission Barn by purchasing a United Methodist Magnet
for your car, office or refrigerator
Suggested Donation:  $5 each

Eastbrook Mission Barn t-shirts are on sale for suggested donation of $15 each.
100% of the profits support the Mission projects within the Eastbrook Mission Barn
For more information and/or to order magnets
Please contact Katie Peterson at 724-856-8241  or 
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Please make checks payable to Eastbrook Mission Barn, 226 Church Lane, New Castle, PA 16105