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This month’s poem, submitted by Larry Sippy, was written by Larry’s friend from his Hilton Head Church Men’s group, Howard Hendley.  


Paschal Lamb 


Oh Lord, You surrendered all to become our Paschal Lamb, 

Begotten Son of God; God, Who said to Moses I Am Who I Am. 


Triumphant entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey you came. 

Paragon of humility without the slightest thought for fame. 


Scribes and soldiers subjected You to endless shame and scorn. 

Would God now summon Gabriel to blow his judgement day horn? 


Believers viewed Your crucifixion with fearfulness, anguish, and pity. 

Your resurrection ensures our admittance to the New Jerusalem City. 


You were labeled with a cynical sign that read, “Jesus, King of the Jews”. 

Your sacrifice a clarion call to Christians everywhere to fill the sacred pews. 


Paschal Lamb, You surrendered all and died upon the rugged cross, 

Champion for all mankind, especially the derelict and humanity’s downtrodden dross. 


Peter denied You thrice before the sentinel cock crowed twice. 

He came to understand Your death as the ultimate sacrifice. 


For Your clothes the soldiers did eagerly cast their lots. 

A sad and tragic outcome arising from misguided evil plots. 


Satan endlessly stoking fiery furnaces of hell to flare. 

Christ’s death caused the hallowed temple curtain down the middle to violently tear. 


On that craggy wooden structure, Your innocent form was nailed. 

Death and sin were conquered, God’s Kingdom has prevailed. 


Pray we choose a path, not like that of Judas Iscariot. 

That we eagerly await Your return on an angel escorted chariot. 


Praise God Who sent You as our precious Lord and Savior. 

It is You Paschal Lamb Who purifies our thought, speech, and behavior. 


You rose from the grave to conquer sin and death. 

The day gave way to darkness as you breathed your final breath. 


At the very end you spoke the mournful words, “It is finished.” 

The faith of Christians everywhere shall never be diminished! 


The empty tomb was entered as they rolled the massive stone. 

Light of the World for all eternity, You most assuredly will now be known. 


Three days entombed our Father brought you back to life. 

One day soon we’ll be with You in that place with neither tears nor strife. 


It happened at Golgotha, on a dark skull shaped hill. 

Hearts of Christians forever now bursting with exuberance and thrill. 



Howard Hendley 

Easter, 2021