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The following poem was shared by Lois Budzinski's daughters at Lois' memorial service on June 19th. The poem reflects Lois' appreciation for life, especially the little things.

The Little Things by Kay Hoffman

Lord, teach me to be thankful for the little things in life,

The little joys we oft o’erlook amid the daily strife.

The first sweet rose, in early June--face washed with morning dew,

The laughter of a little child that warms the heart of you.  

Lord, in the rush of daily chores bid me to pause awhile,

To linger in the sunshine of a neighbor’s friendly smile.

And let me not be so involve that I would fail to see,

A robin teach her young to fly and miss such ecstasy.  

Sometimes a gift of joy is in a little helpful deed

Or kindly word that someone offers in our time of need

Teach me, O Lord, to live each day above my meager self,

Ever thankful for the little things, more precious than all wealth.