Bell Choir

Contact Jim Ross to find out more information about future opportunities to play. 


Virtual Choir

This is a new experience for all of us! Please be patient as we work out the details and technical difficulties!

Helpful hints for virtual choir rehearsals: 

  • Rehearsals will be run in a Zoom meeting. You can access this by desktop or by the Zoom mobile app on a smart phone.

  • If you have any questions about logging on the first time, finding your mic or video button , or any other technical issues, please contact Jen Ashbaugh at least 15 minutes before rehearsal.

  • These virtual rehearsals will be a time to become familiar with the music. We will not be able to hear each other and it will be nearly impossible to work on blend or musical nuance. Please mute yourself as you enter the meeting room, and especially anytime that we are singing as a group.

  • You are encouraged to close other windows and applications on your computer to reduce connectivity issues.

  • Use of headphones/ear buds are encouraged to enable you to hear the accompaniment.


CQ Worship Band

Stone UMC does have a contemporary worship band.If you love to sing/play and want to use your talents to worship the Lord, see Jen Ashbaugh for more information.


Patriotic Organ Concert - Jim Ross

November 6, 2021