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Story Time: Exodus 15:1-21 & Exodus 16:1-35

(Read together in your bible) 

This week we are going to look at two more parts of the story of Moses and his journey to free God’s people from slavery in Egypt. The first story is actually a song! After Moses led God’s people through the Red sea, Miriam used a song to celebrate. She was so happy that Moses had trusted in God and wanted to sing a song of praise to honor and thank God for providing them with a way out of a really hard thing.  

The second part of the story is about when Moses and his brother Aaron had to lead God’s people through the wilderness! The people were really scared and wondered how they would get food. God spoke to Moses and Aaron and told him that he had a plan and that he would make sure that every day his people had food to eat. The people did not believe Moses but Moses trusted that God would provide and He did! God provided food every day for his people and eventually the people started to believe and trust in God too.  

Things to think about: 

Do you ever use songs to celebrate things? Think about your birthday. You probably sing Happy Birthday! What about Christmas? We use special songs at Christmas to celebrate Jesus being born. In the first story Moses’ sister Miriam used a song to celebrate God’s gift to Moses when He helped free His people from the Pharaoh by parting the Red Sea. Music is a great way to celebrate! What’s your favorite song?  

The second story teaches us about trust. Sometimes it might be hard to trust someone when they tell you something, but we know that we can always trust God. If we have faith and trust in God – he will be there for us!  


Make your very own tambourine! 


  • paper plates
  • hole punch
  • bells
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue or stapler
  • markers or paint
  • stickers/gems/sequins 

Directions: Decorate your plates (the outside) with the markers, paint, stickers, gems, or anything else you’d like. After you decorate your plates and they are dry, staple them together so that the insides are facing each other and the bottom of the plates are facing outward. Punch 5 holes around the edges, as seen in the photo. Use a twist tie or pipe cleaner to attach the bells to the plates. You now have your own musical instrument! Have a parade around your house and sing a song of celebration!  

Pray Together:

Thank you God, for giving us the gift of music! We use music in so many ways and are so glad there are a lot of different kinds of music too. Thank you for celebrations with family and friends and for always being there! You are an awesome God! Amen.