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Story Time: Exodus 3 & 4

(read together in your bible) 

This story tells us about when Moses is a grown up. He had lived with Pharaoh for a long time but had to leave because Pharaoh got really mad at Moses. When Moses was out taking care of his sheep he found a bush that was on fire! Even though the bush was on fire, it wasn’t burning into ash and when he got close to the bush it spoke to him. God was using the bush as a way to talk to Moses. God asked Moses to help free his people from slavery in Egypt. Moses was scared and didn’t think he could do it, but God gave Moses many signs to show him he could. God promised Moses that He would be with him. After a lot of arguing with God, Moses followed his plan. 


Things to think about: 

Have you ever been scared to do something? Moses was scared that he couldn’t help God but God knew that Moses was the man for the job. If you remember that God is always with you, you will be able to do many things you didn’t think you could do. God is with us when we are scared!  


Activity/Craft Time: 

Make the burning bush that God used to talk to Moses! Color the picture of the bare bush and branches on the next page. Take red, orange, and yellow tissue paper or construction paper and tear them into small pieces. Glue them onto the bush! Now you have your own burning bush!  


Pray Together:

Thank you Lord for always protecting me when I’m afraid. I’m glad I can always talk to you whenever I need to and that you will always listen to me. You are an awesome God! Amen.