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Story Time: Exodus 2: 1-10

(read together in your bible) 

This story tells us about Moses when he was a baby. In biblical times God’s people were called Hebrews. The king of Egypt was afraid that the Hebrews were going to try to take his kingdom so he made an awful law (rule) that all baby boys must be put in the Nile so that there wouldn’t be too many of them to take over the kingdom. One day a baby boy was born and his mom was scared for him so she made a basket and placed him in the river. The baby’s sister, Miriam, followed Moses (the baby) down the river until Pharaoh’s daughter found him. Pharaoh’s daughter felt bad because the baby was crying and when Miriam saw this she went up to her and said “I know someone who can take care of this baby!” Pharaoh’s daughter agreed and the baby, Moses, was taken back to his mother!  


Things to think about: 

God loves all of us! God helped Moses live by using his sister Miriam and her love for her brother. Miriam was really brave to talk to the daughter of the king of Egypt. Have you ever done anything really brave? Sometimes we can get scared of things but if you have faith and trust that God is with you, you can face those fears and do brave things!  


Activity/Craft Time: 

Make your own baby in a basket!


    • paper plate
    • crayon/markers
    • construction paper
    • glue/tape
    • scissors 

With help from an adult, cut ¼ of the plate out (like a piece of pizza) so you are left with a basket shape. Color the plate brown like a basket. On the bottom of the plate cut slits a couple inches up and about an inch apart. Use strips of construction paper and weave in and out of the slits on the bottom to make a basket pattern. Glue or tape down if needed. Use the template provided to cut out baby Moses and construction paper to create his blanket. Color baby Moses and wrap him in his blanket. Glue to the back of the plate so it looks like he’s inside. You can then use more construction paper to create grass and a background of your choice.  


Pray together:

Dear God, thank you for always being there for me. Remind me to be brave like Miriam! You are an amazing God! Amen.