Dear Friends… 

Whether it is your blood pressure, the temperature outside, or your checkbook, most of us have to pay attention to numbers. Even in our Christian lives, numbers can hold us accountable. We count the number of hours of community service, Sundays in worship, and financial giving to the church. Numbers, of course, don’t tell us everything but they can help us see where we are and where we need to go. Included in this month’s Messenger, are two graphics showing two aspects of our current financial giving. The first, “Capital Campaign” shows where we are with six months left in our three-year campaign. The second page, “Congregational Pledges” shows where we are halfway through 2021. This graph does not show all contributions to the church, only those received as part of individual pledges for this year. 

Stone Church is blessed with generous givers, givers of time, talent, prayers, and resources. Giving to the Capital Campaign has allowed us to make significant necessary repairs and improvements to the building, most notably the roof. Through your ongoing financial giving, pledged and non-pledged, you support staff, programming, and care of the building. 

Over the next six months, we will be updating these graphs. I invite you to keep these color copies on your desk, or even on your refrigerator, and update the numbers as they come in. I look forward to celebrating with you when our goals are met. God is at work within us and through us.

Thanks be to God for this incredible gift!  Pastor Sarah