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Story Time: Exodus 14:21-31

(read together in your Bible) 

Now that God’s people were free from Egypt, God wanted Moses to lead them to a new land. Moses followed the path that God made for them but were suddenly blocked by the Red Sea. God was with Moses and told him to wave his staff in the air and when he did this the sea split into two leaving a path of dry land in between. God’s people were able to walk through the sea without getting wet and safely made it to the other side!  


Things to think about: 

God always helps His people. When things might seem impossible we have to remember to pray and talk to God because He can help us. He might not do things today like He did in the Bible but if you have Him in your heart He will care for you. Can you imagine what it would be like to walk through a sea? You’d have water on both sides of you! How would that make you feel?  


Activity/Craft Time:  

  1. Color and Cut out the attached Moses template. Use blue construction paper to create his arms and glue it together with a glue stick. 

  2. Create the red sea! Use the brown and blue paper provided to create your own parting of the red sea.  Fold your blue paper accordion style twice so that you have three long sections. Glue the one section of the blue paper to the right side of the brown paper and one section of blue paper to the left side of the brown paper leaving the other two sections open in the middle (look at the picture for an example). Write “Wait for God!” on the brown paper underneath the blue paper and you can also decorate your blue paper with fish or any other sea animals you’d like. You can now open and close your red sea!  


Pray Together:

Thank you God for always providing for me. Help me to wait for you and keep you in my heart when things seem impossible. Amen