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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Pastor's Reflections



Dear Friends,


            As April begins we find ourselves half way through Lent but still weeks away from Easter. We find ourselves almost through winter but not completely into spring. As a denomination we find ourselves closer to clarity on positions but no closer to unity.  These are truly the middle muddy days. Together we worship, pray, work and wonder, uncertain about what the future holds for the church and for the world.

Scripture reminds us that we are not the first to wonder about what will be. When the women arrived at Jesus’ tomb on that first Easter morning they were faced with an unsettling truth in words from a divine messenger:  “Jesus has been raised from the dead, and indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him“ (Matthew 28:7). Upon hearing this the women set off quickly “with fear and great joy” to tell the disciples. The word literally and figuratively moved them into a new future.


In his book Following Jesus, author John Shea offers us both a question and an answer about Jesus’ presence in our lives;

“If Jesus is not in the tomb, where is he? He is ahead of us, waiting in every situation as a spiritual presence. This presence calls us to join him in making those situations all they can be. …Our following Jesus is not loyalty to a past master; it is staying awake and cooperating with his Spirit who beckons in the next never-before-seen-in the world moment. Wagering on the resurrection is betting “he is always with us”.


In these uncertain times we can be sure of this.  Jesus goes ahead of us and will meet us at each new moment. Thanks be to God for the gift of this promise, this new life!

 In the grace and peace of the Risen Christ…Pastor Sarah


    Stone United Methodist Church, I love this place!

    In the Peace, Power and Presence of Christ...Pastor Sarah




Who we are as the people of Stone…

“Compelled by God's love Stone UMC is an inclusive community of faith, meeting people where they are, connecting them with Christ and one another, helping them live as disciples of Jesus Christ”.



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