Stone United Methodist Church
Thursday, July 02, 2020
Creating a Community of Caring Christians
 Stone Church has an active chapter of United Methodist Women. 

UMW At Stone United Methodist Church


UMW Officers
Secretary                                   Martha Lumley
 Treasurer                                  Phyllis Stockton
                                                             Board Members                         Audrey Lasher, Lois Rockwell
 Evening Circle "Wings'n'Things"             Lisa Clayton
 Rummage Sale Committee: Lisa Clayton, Debbie Knapp,
Eileen Carpenter
                      Lord's Locker Manager          Eileen Carpenter
Lord's Locker Board:  Eileen Carpenter, Sarah Roncolato, Pat Loutzenhiser,
Lois Rockwell
"Caring Hands" Committee:  Jim Turnbull (church dinners, funeral dinners)
co-Chairpersons:  Joyce Minnis, Barbara Baker
Standing Activities:
January Women's Retreat - organizer: Lisa Clayton
World Service Blanket Sunday
Annual Wesbury Birthday Party - organizer: Phyllis Stockton
Spring Rummage Sale
Annual "Paper Drive" for "Caring Hands" church closet
Lord's Locker
Daffodil Sunday-American Cancer Society
Fall Rummage Sale
Mitten, glove, hat, sock Drive for children @ Fairview/Fairmont Apartments (October / November)


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